RDI Foods, L.L.C. specializes in all aspects of food product research, development, and plant implementation.

The team of RDI Foods designs, coordinates and implements innovative solutions to assist established food companies with their research to develop new products and new manufacturing processes required for domestic and international markets.  We also lead cross-functional teams to implement new products into production environments, evaluate lower-cost raw materials, improve process efficiencies and execute shelf life evaluation of new and existing products.

RDI Foods consists of experienced personnel that know how to:

  • Produce food efficiently and profitably
  • Solve technical and regulatory problems
  • Assist in acheiving QSP (Quality System Plans) / SQF (Safe Quality Food) certifications
  • Develop new food products, processes, and packages
  • Develop Military Products and establishing Military specifications
  • Instrument Food Defense & Security Programs
  • Assist in preparing to Vet-Com Inspections
  • Extend the shelf life of existing food products
  • Sell and promote in the food industry
  • Maintain an extensive network of contacts in the food business to help solve unexpected issues


 Food Safety, Defense and Security

RRDI Foods has written and implemented numerous food defense and security programs.  Our various backgrounds as policeman, warden, military personal and food scientists gives us the tools to become leaders in this arena.

The new FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Food Facility Registration Requirement can be implemented by RDI Foods, as we currently write and implement much stricter and stringent programs.


 Safe Quality Food (SQF)

RDI Foods is a recognized leader in establishing SQF programs in plant facilities and warehouses.  In fact, we have been recognized by the leading SQF certification body for having put in place systems that should be ‘the model for a facility SQF program’.  

RDI Foods is a SQF Consultant High Risk in the following Food Sector Categories:

  • (07) Slaughterhouse, Boning and Butchery Operations, Meat and Poultry,
  • (08) Processing of Manufactured Meat and Poultry,
  • (13) Bakery and Snack Food Processing,
  • (15) Canning, UHT and Aseptic Operations,
  • (18) Preserved Foods Manufacture,
  • (20) Recipe Meals Manufacture,
  • (26) Food Wholesaling and Distribution, and
  • (35) Broker or Agent.


 Problem Solving

RDI Foods has solved long standing quality and technical issues dealing with:

  • Pepperoni production
  • Shelf stable bread
  • Pizza sauce
  • Pizza production
  • Pizza extended shelf life
  • Beef jerky
  • Dry Sausage
  • Meat snacks
  • Summer sausage
  • Focaccia bread
  • Fresh chicken processing
  • Emergency food bars
  • Gyro loaves


 New Products

RDI Foods works with food companies across the country to develop new food products, packaging, and processes.  

We have launched 18 new products for 5 different food companies in 12 months.  Products include:

  • Shelf-stable snack sausages
  • Meat snacks
  • Dry and semi-dry sausage
  • Shelf-stable focaccia bread
  • Extended shelf-life refrigerated pizza
  • Emergency ration bars for relief agencies
  • Shelf-stable pocket sandwiches
  • Emergency food bars
  • Summer sausage

RDI Foods is in the final stages of completing a second Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Army Soldier System Command in Natick, MS.


 Plant Implementations

RDI Foods will also develop and assist in:

  • Quality assurance plans
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) Plans
  • USDA approvals and inspections
  • 'Kosher' approvals and inspections
  • 'Halal' approvals and inspections
  • All aspects of food manufacturing startups and expansions
  • Investigating product quality and process problems
  • Reduce product inconsistencies
  • Process efficiencies improvements and cost savings

RDI Foods is recognized by others in the food industry as a leader in shelf stable foods, critical problem solving, and a creative organization.