Articles from Magazines and Newspapers

Military nears holy grail: Pizza that lasts years

     The Associated Press / February 14, 2014


Texas Tech alumnus dedvelops Lunchables

     The Daily Toreador, Texas Tech's student-run newspaper / February 13, 2013


Jerky with Juice

     Meat and Poultry Magazine / October, 2009


Soldiers snack on 3-year sandwich

     CNN Tech / April 11, 2002


The Three-Year Sandwich

     The Meating Place Magazine / November, 2012


Look for Pepperoni and Barbecue Sandwiches in MREs Soon

     Defense LINK News / May 2002


Fast Food for the Army - Mobility Enhancing Rations

     Army News Service / December 1996


Shelf Stable Pocket Sandwiches

     Combat Feeding / January 2007


Combat Feeding Delivers for Soldiers / October, 2011


MREs Go Gourmet Resources / April 11, 2002


Pocket Food / October, 2005





  TV Segments

Chow Time: Who Makes Military Meals Ready-to-Eat?

     Rock Center with Brian Williams - NBC News / November 2011

          RDI's contriution: Shelf Stable Sandwiches and the caffeinated Meat Sticks


US Army's Hi-Tech, Two-Year-Old Sandwich Served Fresh

     BBC News Science & Environment / December 2011

          RDI's contriution: Shelf Stable Sandwiches


More Palatable MRE's

     The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / 2001

          RDI's contriution: Watch and see...


Headlines - When's the Beef?

     WRAL TV 5 / 2001

          RDI's contriution: Everything


Battlefield Menu

     CBS News Channel 8, San Fransisco

          RDI's contriution: Shelf Stable Sandwiches


Smoked Ham

     How-It's-Made / Discovery Channel

                RDI's contriution: Plant Layout, machine improvments                                                                                and Invention of the Ham Harvester

Andy Capp's Fries

     GoodMark Foods - Andy Capp's Plant Tour / July 1993

                  RDI's contriution: Everything.

SlimJim BMX Super Tour

     ESPN 2 / 2001

                    RDI's contriution: Product Development and Packaging


  YouTube Segments


Bridgford Food (Fanfreakingtastic!!) By Arizona Bushman

     June 18, 2016

                 RDI's contriution:  Shelf Stable Sandwiches