Sarid M. Shefet, Ph.D., CFS

Ph.D.    Food Science  (Food Engineering)

               Minor – Biological and Agricultural Engineering

                        North Carolina State University

M.S.     Food Science  (Food Microbiology)

               Minor – Statistics

                        North Carolina State University

B.S.      Food Science and Technology

               Minor – Plant Sciences (Post Harvest, Botany, Crop Science and Horticulture)

                        Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Dr. Shefet is an 'out of the box' thinker who has impacted the meat industry in an unprecedented manner.  His unique talent in achieving real time improvements, which directly impact the bottom line, is supported by innovation, problem solving skills, wide technical knowledge and partnership strength.  His passion is around creating unequaled machinery and processes that have the potential to make food processing more efficient.

Dr. Shefet's expertise stems from 10 years of experience in the food industry, in particular the meat industry.  In his most resent position, as a senior project leader in ConAgra Foods, he generated $1,000,000 cost reduction, while identifying $2,000,000 in additional long tern savings.  Additionally, he designed several prototypes for automating ham trimming process; among them was the development of a ham 'Auto-Netting' machine that is fed by continuous roll stock netting.  Dr. Shefet also designed a device for efficient harvesting of cooked hams from the product trees.  This device not only solved worker ergonomic issues but also made ‘the least desirable job in the plant’ become one of the most desired.  Alternately he designed a 'Hock-Butt' saw that automated the portioning of all hams (including picnics) while eliminating both ergonomic and severe safety hazards.  Another example was the prototype development of apparatus for automating the insertion of absorbent pads and ham bone guards prior to bagging.  Besides, he designed a machine to reduce work force and increase the efficiency of stripping bags from cooked products.  Likewise, Dr. Shefet developed method to eliminate the need for netting of Deli products.  This $200,000 investment generated a $1,000,000 annual saving.  Furthermore, he assisted Butterball, Cooks Ham and Deli plant engineers in increasing processing efficiencies by creating better product flow designs, changing conveyor designs, and introducing cams and low cost robotics.  He also explored methods to improve and reduce processing time for meat and grain snacks using microwave and other cooking technologies.  More to that point, Dr. Shefet designed a natural jerky cooker-dryer system composed of a convection dryer and microwave.  This innovative system increases the production output by 2.5 times the original volume.  The new design, which allows for a wavy or irregular shaped jerky, includes a new smoke delivery system.  One more achievement was the development of an efficient, space saving material handling system to incubate, cook and dry continuous strands of Slim Jim meat snacks.  Besides, he developed a method to triple the pickling capacity of Penrose, Firecracker, Big Mama, and Tijuana Mama pickled sausage snacks without adding ‘brick and mortar’.  Likewise, he designed a system to handle bulk ingredients for the Andy Capp’s Snacks operation.  And finally, Dr. Shefet Served as a member of several task forces assigned to assist different divisions and companies across ConAgra. 

Prior to joining ConAgra Foods, Dr. Shefet was the Director of Food Science and Technology with FoodTech International, Inc.  In this position, he wrote and implemented the plant's first HACCP program along the QC/QA programs.  Additionally he developed and instated pre-operation procedures aimed to reduce preparation times and minimize quality deviations.  Dr. Shefet also revised and improved product formulations besides developing new and improved existing product lines.  Additionally, he assessed new ingredients and equipment.  Furthermore, Dr. Shefet was in charge of instating the plant as an approved armed forces procurement supplier.  One more achievement is the establishment and maintenance of both ‘Kosher/Parve’ and ‘Halal’ certifications, in addition to regular interaction with supervising religious authorities.

Dr. Shefet earned his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Food Science from North Carolina State University.  He is the sole inventor of 6 patents , and the primary inventor of another 19 patents (plus 1 pending).  He continues to stay current with the state of the art technologies through professional development seminars and training workshops, conferences and expos.

Dr. Shefet is also a Certified Food Scientist (CFS).  The CFS credential is a formal global certification program, administered by the International Food Science Certification Commission, which recognizes the practical, applied scientific knowledge and skills possessed by food science professionals.  CFS credential holders must pass a rigorous exam that tests them on the core professional competencies of a food scientist, and their ability to put that knowledge and skills into practice in a work environment.


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