RDI Foods, L.L.C. is a contract consulting company which specializes in all aspects of food product research, development, and plant implementation. RDI Foods is a Safe Quality Food (SQF) certified consultant and developing and implementing all programs related to Food Quality, Food Safety and Food Security. RDI Foods is recognized by others in the food industry as a leader in solving complex issues related to food product research and quality. They are also worldwide industry leading experts in shelf stable foods. 

RDI Foods designs, coordinates and implements innovative solutions to assist established food companies with their research and quality control. RDI Foods assists in developing new products and new manufacturing processes required for domestic and international markets. 
We also lead cross-functional teams to implement new products into production environments, evaluate lower-cost raw materials, improve process efficiencies and execute shelf life evaluation of new and existing products. RDI Foods has implemented SQF programs that have been recognized as models for the food industry.

RDI Foods was founded by Dr. Richard Hawkins (Rody) in June 2002 after 17 years working for the two largest food companies in the United States, ConAgra Foods and Philip Morris (Kraft Foods).  Dr. Hawkins founded RDI Foods as a resource tool to help food companies solve problems, create value, and improve margins.  RDI Foods works on joint ventures with food companies to leverage RDI Foods expertise in product and process development to share in the profits derived from these developments. 

RDI Foods has grown to include Larry Chandler, with expertise in food process and project management, Steve Klawiter, with expertise in packaging and packaging systems, and
Dr. Sarid Shefet with experience in innovative food processing and technology.  Together, the principals of RDI Foods have over 85 years of industry experience with extensive knowledge in shelf stable foods, processing, and packaging.

Collectively, the expertise of RDI Foods' principals covers all aspects of product development, processing, quality and packaging. Together, they have 28 patents. 

Principals of RDI Foods have worked with the U.S. Army Soldier System Command since 1993 developing shelf stable sandwiches.  This technology was developed under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) and achieved an Excellence in Research Award from the U.S. Army.

RDI Foods continues to develop new products and to research new technologies for the U.S. Army Soldier System Command in Natick, Massachusetts.